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Post by: Skizor on February 05, 2019, 08:41:16 am
1. Insulting Admins or GMs is punishable.

2. Trusting friends with your own items is your responsibility. Admins/GMs will NOT restore any lost items..

3. Using any bugs, hacks, etc. is strictly forbidden. If You will recover any of those report it immediately to a Admin/GMs or in forum.

4. Using bots, l2walker and similar programs is forbidden.

5. Dual-boxing is not allowed for farm (like healer)

6. Selling items or accounts for real currency (for example: eBay) is punishable.

7. Admins or GMs wont return any of items/accounts stolen by fake GMs or other people. We advice dont share your passwords with nobody.

8. Interrupting Admin or GMs with pm (for example: Hello, Help, etc) will be punished. We ask you to use petitions if you have any problem..

9. Exploit on castles/Clan Halls will be punished.

10. Typing other websites [for example: website to other server, hacks, bot arent allowed in Hero voice, and other channels. This will be highly punished even BAN.

11. You can be punished in many ways like: kick, jail, kill, delvl, decreasing enchant, chat ban, char/account/IP Ban decision depends on Admins/GMs will, so there is no point to discuiss about it with other GMs/Admins or spamming on forum.

12. About changes in regulations, you will be informed on forum, and in the website.